No. 284 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

No. 284 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No. 284 Squadron (RAF) during the Second World War

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No.284 Squadron was an air-sea rescue squadron that was formed in the UK, but operated in the Mediterranean.

The squadron was formed on 7 May 1943 around a number of detachments provided by existing air-sea rescue squadrons. It moved to Malta in June 1943, and used its Walruses to provide air-sea cover around the island.

In September 1943 the squadron's HQ moved to southern Italy, but the squadron continued to operate around Malta until November. The squadron's aircraft operated in detachments scattered around the western Mediterranean, and it provided cover between the south of France and Tunisia.

In March 1944 the squadron began to receive the Vickers Warwick, a much larger aircraft capable of carrying air-droppable lifeboats. At the same time the squadron received No.283's Walruses, but in September all of the remaining Walruses were passed to No.293 Squadron. They were replaced by a small number of Hawker Hurricanes.

September 1944 also saw the squadron's HQ move to Corsica, and its area of operations switch to the western Mediterranean. The squadron continued to operate in this area until it was disbanded on 21 September 1945.

July 1943-September 1944: Supermarine Walrus II
March 1944-September 1945: Vickers Warwick I
September 1944-March 1945: Hawker Hurricane IIC

May 1943: Gravesend
May-June 1943: Martlesham Heath

June-July 1943: Algiers
July 1943: Hal Far
July-August 1943: Cassibile
August-September 1943: Lentini East
September-October 1943: Scanzano
October-November 1943: Gioia del Colle
November 1943-March 1944: Brindisi
March-September 1944: Alghero
August-September 1944: Detachment to Ramatuelle
September-November 1944: Detachment to Bone
September-November 1944: Elmas
September 1944-January 1945: El Aouina
November 1944-April 1945: Bone
November 1944-September 1945: Detachment to Elmas
March-September 1945: Detachment to Istres
March-April 1945: Detachment to Pomigliano
April-September 1945: Pomigliano

Squadron Codes: W, L

1943-1945: Air Sea Rescue


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