Neptune IV ARC-2 - History

Neptune IV ARC-2 - History

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Neptune IV
(ARC-2: dp. 4,410, 1. 362', b. 47', dr. 25', s. 13 k., cpl. 15 GL Neptune; T. S3-S2-BP1)

Neptune (ARC-2) was built for the Maritime Commission by Pusey and Jones Corp., Wilmington, Del. Completed in February 1946, she was 1aunched as SS William H. G. Bub lard, M. C. hull 2557.

She was acquired by the Navy in 1953 and converted at the Bethlehem Steel Co. Shipyard, Key Highway Plant, Baltimore, Md. New installations included electric cable machinery in place of steam, precision navigational instrumentation and a helicopter platform over the fantail. She eommissione] 1 June 1953, Comdr. Robert A. Bogardus in command.

After shakedown in the Virginia Capes Operations Area, Neptune GondUGted her first cable laying evolution on 8 July.

She then became the initial focus of project "Caesar," under the administrative and operational control of Commander Service Force, Atlantic. This project involved the establish ment of permanent underwater surveillance stations where electronic equipment could monitor the movements of surface and subsurface vessels. Absent from her homeport of Norfolk for extended periods, Neptune steamed the Atlantic from the Caribbean to the St. Lawrenee and beyond, living up to her motto of "Find it, Fix it, Hide it." Since her commissioning she has been involved in more than fifty cable laying and repair projects. She installs and maintains underwater facilities used for research, development, evaluation, aml training. Although her primary mission is to lay and repair underwater cable, her assigments also entail aeoustie surveys and testing of underwater sound devices.

Neptune's varied work took her to the Pacific in 1954, 1957, 1960, and 1964. In July 1965 her homeport was shifted to Portsmouth, N. H., and she underwent overhaul in the Bethlehem Steel Co. Shipyard, Boston from December 1965 through March 1966. After refresher training at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 9-22 April, she spent much of the next six months in the North Atlantic.

Her homeport was officially shifted to San Francisco 1 January 1967. Neptune arrived there 20 March. She has since conducted acoustic survey operations in the Pacific


Neptuneman is a blond moustached buff man wearing a red vest and fur-trimmed boots bearing a resemblance to Hulk Hogan. He even used an Axe Bomber-type clothesline (which Hogan was more known for using in Japan) as his trademark move.


At first, Quarrelman looked down on those who were weaker than him. He even left his match against Robin Mask because Robin Mask was too weak for him. Driven to suicide, Quarrelman leapt into the Thames River, but he was saved by Neptune King and became Neptuneman. With this rebirth, Neptuneman started a Mask Hunt to steal the masks of unworthy Chojin and re-destribute them to more worthy Chojin, i.e. his followers.

After his loss to the Machineguns, Neptuneman honored them by sacrificing his life to stop the Perfect Chojin invasion. Neptuneman would go on to help Kinnikuman and the Justice Chojin on several occasions.

Despite this, Neptuneman remained loyal to the Perfect Chojin even though The Man imprisoned during the Perfect Origin Arc because The Man thought Neptuneman was influenced by Justice Chojin. In fact, Neptuneman believed that the Perfect Chojin needed to change, and that Kinnikuman is the right man for the job.


Quarrelman had a rivalry with Robin Mask, but Robin Mask was too weak for him. This rivalry was reignited by the match against the Chojin Master/Student Combo.

Neptuneman led the Perfect Chojin vanguard with Big the Budo. He didn't tolerate the failures of Screw Kid and Kendaman, so he and Big the Budo punishes them.

After his loss to Kinnikuman, Neptuneman would go on to sacrifice his life for the Justice Chojin. After his rebirth, Neptuneman would even join Kinnikuman's team during the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne tournament finals as The Samurai.

Because of his illegal reincarnation, Chojin Enma sent Omegaman Dexia to hunt him down. And for his insubordination by signing the peace treaty between the three factions, Neptuneman was imprisoned. Luckily, Peek-A-Boo freed him in time so he can help encourage Kinnikuman. Despite this, Neptuneman and Peek-A-Boo would cheer on Nemesis during his match with Kinnikuman.


Neptuneman can control electromagnetic forces through the power of his Neptune Mask. This power can be sealed away by sealing a nearby Apollo Window Lock. He can also channel Hardness Level 10: Diamond Power on his arm in order to make Mask removal much easier.

During the Ultimate Tag Tournament In Nisei, Neptuneman kept his youth through extensive dieting and a strict training regimen. He even gained the ability to create Optical Fibers by eating strange crystals.


Void Century

Princess Poseidon lived during the Void Century and made a pact with Joy Boy. She would use her powers to command the Sea Kings to bring Noah to the surface and activate its intended mission, for which the details would be revealed when raised. However, Joy Boy failed in his commitment to Poseidon due to unknown reasons. Β]

Otohime's Hope

After five years, a giant wrecked ship carrying a World Noble arrived at the Fish-Man Island's main entrance and the ship was in need of an emergency entrance. Otohime then rushed to the scene. Γ] The ship was owned by Donquixote Mjosgard, who traveled to Fish-Man Island to retrieve his slaves, who were by that point the former members of the Sun Pirates. Otohime arrived just in time to save the noble from a fired bullet, getting grazed in the arm in the process. Some weeks later, Mjosgard was healed and allowed to leave (albeit very ungrateful for their mercy). Otohime decided to go with him much to the shock and disapproval of her subjects and family. She asked them to trust her and humanity, which everyone reluctantly complied with. After one week, she returned to the island having somehow negotiated with the World Nobles and holding a paper said to be "The Hope of Fish-Man Island". Δ]

Otohime continues to hope.

One day in Gyoncorde Plaza, the box holding all the collected signatures suddenly caught fire. In the ensuing confusion, Otohime was shot. Amidst the chaos, Vander Decken IX marked Shirahoshi with his Mato Mato no Mi powers. Shirahoshi, who was stunned seeing her mother get shot, did not noticed his presence. As she fell to the ground, her sons immediately came to her side. Fukaboshi swore revenge, but Otohime told him not to be angry for her. Otohime reminded her sons about their promise to protect Shirahoshi. Ε]

Fish-Man Island Saga

Fish-Man Island Arc

After the Straw Hats arrived at Fish-Man Island, Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi, and Manboshi searched for them, wanting to pass on a message from Jinbe. Ώ]

King Neptune later invited Luffy and the Straw Hats to his palace. Ζ] In the palace, Luffy met Shirahoshi, who explained that she had been staying in Hard-Shell Tower for ten years because Vander Decken IX possesses some kind of "curse". Η] Meanwhile, Neptune heard about Shyarly's prediction and mysterious mermaid kidnappings. The king and the palace guards tried to capture the Straw Hats only to be defeated and tied up. The princes returned to the palace, but they were locked out. Zoro listed his demands and Fukaboshi gave him Jinbe's message. ⎖] After Luffy took Shirahoshi out of the palace, Hody Jones, Decken, and their crews entered the palace much to the surprise of Neptune. Hody and his crew then invaded the palace and captured Neptune in the ensuing conflict. ⎗]

Meanwhile, Luffy and Shirahoshi were confronted by Decken at Coral Hill, where the princess rejected Decken's proposal. After defeating Decken, Luffy took Shirahoshi to the Sea Forest, where they met Jinbe. ⎘]

Neptune and his sons all chained up and on display for execution.

Hody later brought Neptune to Gyoncorde Plaza, where he planned to execute him. ⎙] The princes arrived and confronted the officers of Hody's crew only to be defeated and captured as well. After seemingly falling for a trap, Shirahoshi, Jinbe, and Megalo were also taken to the plaza. ⎚] Right after Luffy saved Neptune from execution, the Straw Hats quickly freed the king and the princes and Hoe took them to safety. ⎛] The princes later returned to fight Hody. ⎜] Once the New Fish-Man Pirates were defeated, the royal family celebrated the victory. ⎝] The moment the Straw Hat Pirates left, they made to Shirahoshi the promise to meet again. ⎞]

Four Emperors Saga

Zou Arc

As the time for Levely approached, Shirahoshi was asked to accompany her father and brothers. Shirahoshi initially refused, saying that she was too scared and not wanting to break her promise to Luffy. Fukaboshi told her that she should come for their mother's sake. ⎟]

Levely Arc

The Neptune Family arrives at the Red Port, escorted by Garp.

As the news of Luffy's exploits at Totto Land spread across the world, Neptune read about it on the newspaper and learned that Jinbe joined Luffy's crew. Given Jinbe's actions against Big Mom, Neptune planned to declare Fish-Man Island under the Straw Hats' protection. As Shirahoshi decided to accompany her family, they were ready to depart for the Levely. ⎠]

Later, they arrived at the Red Port, where they made acquaintances with Monkey D. Garp as he escorted them to the bondola. Along the way, Neptune interrupted a quarrel between Garp and Sterry. Neptune and Garp then parted at the bondola, and as he and his family rode it to Mary Geoise, Neptune was happy that Shirahoshi marveled at the sun and sky. ⎡]

At the socializing plaza, several royals tried to get Shirahoshi's attention and she was overwhelmed as she accidentally offended them. She then befriended Vivi and Rebecca after hearing them talk about Luffy, even though Ryuboshi tried not to associate his sister with a pirate. Meanwhile, Fukaboshi conversed with Viola. ⎢]

Later, Charlos tried to take Shirahoshi by force. Before Neptune did anything drastic, Mjosgard intervened on Shirahoshi's behalf and knocked out Charlos with a spiked club before ordering for Shirahoshi to be set free. ⎣] After Charlos was taken away, Mansherry healed Shirahoshi's bruises, and Neptune acknowledged that there are good humans and that Mjosgard's actions had saved Otohime's dream. ⎤] Neptune later went to the conference room with the other kings and queens to begin the Levely. ⎥]

Wano Country Arc

After returning home with Garp, the family thanked the Marine and offered him to rest before departing. They then talked about the outcome of the Levely, and about an incident involving Arabasta. ⎦]


Neptune – God

The ancient Romans assumed the Gods of many of their conquered nations and the ones they held in the highest regard where those of the Greek civilization. Poseidon was adopted by the Romans as the God of the Sea and was renamed to NEPTUNE to better fit into the new culture.

Neptune – The Planet

The discovery of the eighty planet in the Sol system was named Neptune after the Roman God of the Sea.

HMS Neptune — Frigate

The British Empire sailed the seas of Earth with a mighty fleet of wood sailing vessels. They were instrumental during the French aggression. The HMS Neptune was one of the finest to ever sail.

HMS Neptune – Submarine

In keeping with the tradition of bring the names of great vessels of the past to the present, the British Empire dubbed one of their finest secret experiments after the Neptune.


The USS Neptune (ARC-2) was built for the Maritime Commission.Completed in February 1946, she was launched as SS William H. G. Bullard. She was acquired by the Navy in 1953 and converted with the addition of electric cable machinery in place of steam, precision navigational instrumentation and a helicopter platform over the fantail. She was recommissioned in June, 1953, as the USS Neptune. In 1982, Neptune put sea as pretty much a brand new ship having been rebuilt from the main deck up. Essentially all that remains the same are the anchors and hull.

Neptune ND-01 – Neptune Class

The voyage of Starfleet into space allowed the human race to journey in many new vessels.. One of those was named after the large contingent of British crew people’s favorite vessel, the HMS Neptune.

USS Neptune NX-74699 – Intrepid Class

The Neptune embarked on its shakedown cruise with a mission to explore uncharted areas of space with special interest given to aquatic worlds. The Neptune was decommissioned after an alien virus infected the bio-neural gel-packs and caused a cascade failure of the ships’s primary computer core ultimately leading to the loss of the warp core.

USS Neptune NCC-75013

The service of the Intrepid Vessel not to be forgotten, the crew transferred to a new Sovereign Class Exploration Vessel. The newest USS Neptune proudly serves Starfleet in her ongoing mission to explore new worlds, discover new life, and to never stop serving…..

Summit War Saga

Impel Down Arc

Jinbe imprisoned in Impel Down.

Sometime after Ace's capture, Jinbe was also imprisoned in Impel Down, due to being the only member of the Shichibukai who refused the summons of the World Government to stand against the Whitebeard Pirates. He had decided to defy the Marines and was prepared to lose his status as a Shichibukai in the process. ⎣]

He was held in the same cell as Portgas D. Ace. ⎤] There, he stated that he would gladly give his life to end the fighting. Ώ]

He was later seen talking with Ace about how Whitebeard saved Fish-Man Island and the reasons he's prepared to die to stop the fighting. Ace would then pass the time prior to his death sentence by sharing tales of his younger brother, Monkey D. Luffy, with the fish-man.

Knowing that Ace's captivity, as well as his impending execution, were being used to incur Whitebeard's wrath, Jinbe further stated that he wanted to break his cellmate out of the Great Prison. He also stated that he would stop the war from occurring, telling Ace that he still trusted in miracles and luck. However, this brought out a reaction from Crocodile, who explained to Jinbe and Ace that there are many pirates who have a grudge against Whitebeard.

Ace also personally asked Jinbe to take care of Luffy for him once he's gone. Jinbe declined, saying that even though it was Ace who asked, he has no obligation to look after someone he considers a complete stranger in the pirate-infested world they are in.

Jinbe and Ace were visited by another Warlord, Boa Hancock, who wanted to see Ace. Hancock claimed that she simply wanted to see the prisoner triggering the war against Whitebeard which she would be joining. Jinbe, apparently under the impression that the female Shichibukai was only there to gloat at his and Ace's imprisonment, remarked that even the "idle empress" would go to war to save her Shichibukai position, seeing this as a low point for Hancock. Hancock told Jinbe she meant no harm to them and cryptically revealed to Ace that his brother was trying to rescue him before leaving.

When Ace told Jinbe this, he described Luffy's behavior as "reckless". ⎥] Jinbe also pointed out that although he did not personally know Hancock, there was a possibility that she was lying. However, Ace countered that Hancock would not go out of her way to lie to him, and knowing Luffy, his breaking into Impel Down after hearing Ace's incarceration down there was exactly the sort of crazy thing Luffy would do.

About six hours before Ace's execution, when Magellan came to Level 6 to escort Ace to his transfer to Marineford, Jinbe could do nothing but sit in his cell and watch.

When Luffy, Emporio Ivankov, and Inazuma reached Level 6, Jinbe immediately recognized Luffy as Ace's brother due to the straw hat Luffy wears and wasted no time yelling to the Straw Hat that the prison staff extracted Ace from his cell only moments ago and that there was still a chance to catch up to him. After Ivankov convinced Luffy into releasing Crocodile from his cell when the former Shichibukai offered assistance in providing a means to escape, Jinbe pleaded to be released as well, as he too wanted to save Ace.

Luffy, realizing Jinbe's honesty, agreed to free him, earning him the fish-man's gratitude. Upon his release, Jinbe immediately glared menacingly at Crocodile (who was also simultaneously released by Inazuma) and made it clear that he would not allow him to kill Whitebeard. Crocodile, unfazed, asked Jinbe if he wanted to fight to the death.

Afterward, he and the others went up through Level 5 to Level 4, where Jinbe re-evaluated the designated time for Ace's execution, set to occur at 3 o'clock sharp. He also concluded that if Whitebeard and his crew made preparations beforehand, with Ace being escorted out in the open sea, the battle between the World Government and the Whitebeard Pirates could break out any time. After Crocodile reduced the gateway between Levels 5 and 4 to dust, Jinbe demonstrated his Fish-Man Karate by punching the jailers and launching a shock wave that wiped out the line of enemies descending upon him and his comrades. ⎦]

Jinbe, Luffy, and Crocodile breaking free.

When the three remaining Jailer Beasts, led by Sadi, suddenly appeared, Jinbe urged Luffy to move further ahead and let him and the others worry about the three beasts. He lamented on the fact that he is not as powerful on dry land as he is out in the open sea. Despite this claim, Jinbe further showed his strength by taking out one of the Jailer Beasts (the Minorhinoceros) with one powerful blow alongside Crocodile and Luffy, both of whom defeated the other two. Jinbe continued in aiding the rebelling inmates as they rioted further up to Level 4, where they were momentarily halted at the entrance to Level 3 by Hannyabal (backed by a large platoon of bazooka-wielding jailers stationed at the other side of the entrance), whom Luffy made short work of.

But it was the unexpected arrival of Marshall D. Teach that truly finished the Vice-Warden off. Jinbe recognized the interloper as the one responsible for Ace's capture and was immediately angered, and asked what Teach was doing in Impel Down, immediately followed by asking if Teach ought to be called Blackbeard now. Blackbeard only replied that the fish-man should not get worked up too soon, apparently aware that he and Ace were friends, and that he (Blackbeard) was only partly responsible for Ace's current predicament. As Luffy then started to attack Blackbeard, giving him significant injury, Jinbe stopped Luffy from wasting his time fighting Blackbeard, telling him to consider the rescue of Ace as the top priority.

The breakout army eventually reached Level 1, and they united their forces with Buggy and Mr. 3's rioting squad. Jinbe then noticed that Magellan ordered the guards to do something with the ships outside of the fortress, and Jinbe informed them that they needed to hurry out of the prison. Jinbe then leads the assault on the retreating warships as Luffy stayed to fight Magellan.

Jinbe carries Buggy, Crocodile, and Daz Bonez on a makeshift raft.

Jinbe, along with Crocodile, Buggy, and Mr. 1 went to steal one of the battleships that was sailing off, with Jinbe carrying the rest of them on a makeshift raft. Jinbe then fiercely attacked the battleships, destroying half of one with a Spear Wave without much effort before being scolded by Crocodile. When the battleships near the one attacked by Crocodile, Buggy, and Mr. 1 tried to sink them with the whole ship, Jinbe protected them by watering the cannons and making them useless. Later, he helped Luffy, Mr. 3, Inazuma, and Ivankov escape from Magellan, calling a school of giant whale sharks as backup. ⎧]

As the survivors were transferred onto the ship, Jinbe began to steer the ship towards the Gates of Justice. From an earlier conversation, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei revealed that he intended to stay behind, so he could disguise himself as Magellan and sneak back into the prison to open the Gates for everyone else. Mr. 2 requested that Jinbe not tell Luffy until they passed through the Gates, so the Baby Den Den Mushi's signal would be cut off, preventing any tearful goodbyes.

However, when confronted by Luffy, Jinbe told of what happened before they passed the Gates, and protested Luffy's desire to go back to rescue Mr. 2, in that returning would only throw away what Mr. 2 sacrificed for. However, Jinbe gave Luffy a Baby Den Den Mushi to have one final talk with Mr. 2 before the signal would be severed. ⎨]

Marineford Arc

Jinbe felt a certain amount of gratitude and guilt toward Luffy for being the one who had to defeat Arlong. However, he decided to temporarily set the matter aside and talk about it later in order to focus on their goal of saving Ace. ⎩]

The escapees finally arrive in Marineford.

After the successful escape through the Gates of Justice, Jinbe finally introduced himself to Luffy, revealing he was a Shichibukai (to Luffy's surprise), or most likely a former one since he escaped Impel Down with the intent to save Ace. As the crew came into sight of the Gates of Justice, Jinbe told Luffy that, if it had not been for the wind not blowing against them, they would've arrived sooner and then asked the latter how were they going to open the gates. ⎪] Later, when Whitebeard's fleet finally arrived, the Gates of Justice opened for them.

After landing at Marineford, Jinbe retrieved all the Devil Fruit users who fell into the water and then shouted to Fleet Admiral Sengoku that he resigned from the Shichibukai. Γ]

Jinbe deals a powerful blow to Moria.

When Moria created an army of zombies, Jinbe splashed them all with salt water, causing the shadows to leave the reanimated bodies. ⎫] Sengoku's revelation that Dragon is Luffy's father seemed to have spurred Jinbe into making some kind of connection. ⎫] He then battled against Moria, who was after his shadow. Despite being augmented with shadows, Moria was sent reeling after one of Jinbe's punches. ⎬] Despite Moria only mildly hurt, he broke off from attacking further, leaving Moria infuriated. ⎭]

Upon seeing Squard stabbing Whitebeard due to Sengoku's plan, Jinbe expressed shock at what just happened. ⎮] When the Marines raised the siege wall to trap all the pirates and to burn them to death with Akainu's Meteor Volcano, Jinbe launched Luffy over the wall with one of his water streams, per Luffy's request.

Later, he was seen together with Ivankov on top of the siege wall. He was then seen asking a pirate doctor to attend to Luffy's injuries before declaring that he would die in the war at Marineford. However, thanks to Ivankov, Luffy did not require any help. When Whitebeard was badly injured and as high ranked marine officers attacked him, Jinbe was among the pirates who formed a formation behind Whitebeard in order to protect him.

Jinbe defends Ace from Akainu's attack.

He then watched Luffy made his way to the execution platform and was very glad that Luffy freed Ace. Jinbe then accompanied Ace and Luffy as they made their escape. After Akainu dealt the fatal blow to Ace, he looked on in horror, but then defended Ace from a second attack, declaring that he did not value his life and that if he could do even a little to help Ace, it would be worth it. Unfortunately, it was already too late for Ace, and Jinbe was among the many who mourn Ace's loss. Marco then told Jinbe to grab Luffy and run and Jinbe complied. ⎯]

Akainu wounds Jinbe and Luffy.

Jinbe continued to run with Luffy, not looking back as Whitebeard spoke his last words. ⎰] After Whitebeard's death, Akainu appeared in front of Jinbe and once again told him to give Luffy to him. Jinbe replied that he would rather die than give up on Luffy, thinking back to Ace's request to look after Luffy. As Akainu prepared himself to attack, Ivankov appeared and attacked Akainu with a Hell Wink. ⎱] However, the attack did not stop Akainu. Jinbe hoped to jump into the sea to gain the upper hand but found the water below to be frozen. Akainu managed to strike Jinbe and harmed Luffy at the same time. Jinbe apologized to Luffy for letting him get injured. ⎲]

The unconscious Jinbe is caught by Jean Bart of the Heart Pirates.

When Akainu was about to finish off Jinbe and Luffy, Crocodile came and repelled the admiral and then summoned a sandstorm to launch Jinbe and Luffy into the air to get them out of the admiral's reach. Jinbe, while carrying Luffy, was then caught (unintentionally) by Buggy, who was floating high in the air also trying to escape (made possible by the once-again frozen sea, allowing him a decent foothold). After barely maneuvering out of the way of Akainu's colossal magma fist, Buggy then carried Jinbe (who lapsed into unconsciousness) and Luffy to the just emerged ship of the Heart Pirates. ⎲]

Buggy threw Jinbe and Luffy onto Law's Submarine and they were then both safely carried in by Law's crew. The submarine soon submerged and successfully escaped, taking them far from the battlefield. Jinbe was later seen lying next to Luffy in Law's sickbay, with Law standing over next to them and instructing his crew to ready the ex-Shichibukai and Supernova's treatment. ⎳]

Post-War Arc

Jinbe after Law's surgery on him.

Jinbe later woke up and thanked Law for saving him before meeting Ivankov again. Despite Law telling Jinbe to rest, Jinbe found it impossible as losing Ace and Whitebeard was too much for his heart to bear. The First Son of the Sea also commented that he was worried about Luffy, fearing the moment he wakes up and realizes his brother is dead. Ivankov and his followers soon depart and entrusted Jinbe with Luffy. ⎴]

Two weeks after the war at Marineford, Luffy woke up and went on a rampage in Amazon Lily. Jinbe asked Law what would happen if Luffy continued, to which Law replied he would most likely die. Jinbe caught up to Luffy and tried to inform him of Ace's death, but found out that Luffy already realized that. He later teared up after seeing Luffy crying in grief. Luffy demanded to be left alone, but Jinbe stated he cannot leave Luffy to injure himself further. Luffy asserted that he could do what he will with his own body, and Jinbe countered that Ace was also free to live or die as he wished. Luffy then tried attacking Jinbe, who quickly dodged his attack and slammed him into the ground. Luffy continued by biting on his arm, at which Jinbe became very irritated and pinned him against a rock. He told Luffy that he must endure and move past his pain, asserting that he has not yet lost everything. Luffy spoke of his crew and how he wanted to see them, at which Jinbe was relieved that Luffy has found something to hold onto.

Jinbe voices his desire to see Luffy again as they go their separate ways.

He later carried Luffy back to the shore, where they met with Silvers Rayleigh, whose very presence Jinbe was scarcely able to believe. Hancock, her sisters, and Lady Nyon soon arrived after that, bearing food that enticed Jinbe. Hancock told him off, as she prepared the food solely to help Luffy's recovery, but reluctantly allowed Jinbe to have some, and so the fish-man dug in and encouraged Luffy to partake as well. ⎵]

Later, he returned to Marineford with Luffy and Rayleigh. He took part in stealing a marine ship, circling around Marineford, and ringing the Ox Bell. He was later seen on the Kuja ship, getting irritated by the Kujas pulling on his face. Soon after, he and Luffy parted ways with Jinbe promising to wait for Luffy and his crew on Fish-Man Island.

Upgrades and Customization

The Prawn Suit can be customized with the Vehicle Upgrade Console, which the player can use to craft upgrades and change the vehicle's name and color scheme. Upgrades can be installed and swapped via a panel on its left shoulder. The Prawn must be detached from the Moonpool in order to access this panel. Opening the panel reveals six slots - four for vehicle upgrades and two for arm attachments. The Storage, Hull Reinforcement and Engine Efficiency modules are compatible with the Seamoth.

Increases the vehicle's maximum crush depth, enabling it to survive greater pressure. Each successive module increases the crush depth by 400 meters. This effect does not stack.

Increases maximum onboard storage capacity by six slots. This effect stacks with multiple modules.

Strengthens the chassis with a diamond lattice, increasing hull durability. Decreases collision damage by 50% each successive module adds half the damage resistance of the last. Damage from aggressive fauna remains unchanged. Effect stacks with multiple modules. Useless for the Prawn Suit, as it does not take damage from collisions.

Increases maximum battery life by recycling engine thermal waste and decreases total power consumption by 15%. Effect stacks with multiple modules.

Replenishes the onboard power supply by harnessing thermal energy in areas with an ambient temperature of 35ºC or greater. The charge rate depends on the amount of heat in the surrounding environment.

Greatly increases thruster power and provides greater acceleration and maneuverability. Useful for reaching high ledges when used in conjunction with the grappling arm burst-fire greatly increases lateral jump range.

(Activate by pressing and holding the spacebar on PC and Mac, the LB button on Xbox One or the L1 button on PlayStation 4)

Standard-issue environmental manipulation appendage. Useful for smashing small rocks for resources or delivering quick strikes to fend off predators. Items picked up are transferred to the onboard storage unit. Can be applied to both arms.

(Activate by pressing the corresponding mouse button on PC and Mac, trigger on Xbox One and Left or Right button on PlayStation 4)

Allows for the drilling of Large Resource Deposits, breaking them down into manageable fragments. Also an effective weapon against larger creatures. Can be applied to either arm.

(Activate by pressing the corresponding mouse button on PC and Mac, trigger on Xbox One and Left or Right button on PlayStation 4)

Fires a magnetic grappling claw that latches onto any solid object and pulls the vehicle toward it. Useful for retrieving items from otherwise inaccessible areas and reaching high ledges when used in conjunction with the jump jets. Can be applied to either arm.

(Activate by pressing the corresponding mouse button on PC and Mac, trigger on Xbox One and Left or Right button on PlayStation 4)

Functions identically to the Propulsion Cannon tool. It can lift any item and launch it a significant distance using a gravitational distortion field. Useful for retrieving items from otherwise inaccessible areas. Can be applied to either arm.

(Activate by pressing the corresponding mouse button on PC and Mac, trigger on Xbox One and Left or Right button on PlayStation 4)

Functions identically to the Seamoth torpedo launcher. Can hold up to six and fire two torpedoes simultaneously. Can be applied to both arms, providing a maximum of twelve torpedoes and a four-shot salvo.

(Activate by pressing the corresponding mouse button on PC and Mac, trigger on Xbox One and Left or Right button on PlayStation 4)


Neptune Vasilias

Jaune first meets Neptune in the Beacon library when Neptune introduces himself to Weiss and addresses her as Snow Angel, which Weiss reacts positively to, causing Jaune to be jealous of him. Later, Jaune is left depressed because Weiss invites Neptune to the dance. Jaune is about to confront Neptune in the middle of the dance after learning that he rejected Weiss, but instead, the two of them find themselves on the balcony. An angry Jaune asks Neptune why he rejected her despite flirting with her in the past.

Neptune reveals to Jaune that he cannot dance and that he tries hard to be cool, which surprises Jaune. Jaune decides to ask Neptune if he truly likes Weiss, to which he responds positively. Jaune gives Neptune the same advice he received from Pyrrha, telling him to stop trying to act so cool all the time. Neptune happily accepts this and tells Jaune that he is a really cool guy. Neptune seems grateful of Jaune's help, telling Weiss that Jaune is a good friend.

The Friday Cover

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James Clapper: I have confidence in the instincts of the analysts that have been doing this for years. They seemed to feel pretty confident that he was there. I recommended to the president that he listen to the experts.

Ben Rhodes: Hillary gave a really long intervention that made a lengthy case against going forward now, essentially talking about all the negative fallout that could take place in Pakistan and the things that could go wrong with the operation. But then she made a similarly long intervention making the argument that this was the best chance that we had—the best circumstantial case we had for a lead on bin Laden. You don’t want to live knowing that you didn’t take that chance. She came down in favor of doing it.

Tom Donilon: I and John Brennan and Denis McDonough had already given the president our views—we favored the raid and favored the operation. We saw the president every day and had many, many conversations about the operation.

Ben Rhodes: And then Biden. Biden had worked a lot on Pakistan over the years, and he really laid out the risk of this going wrong and the potential for confrontation with the Pakistanis. Our embassy being overrun, the fallout that could ensue. I don’t remember it as being firmly against as much as it being about like, “I’m going to point out the downsides that you need to consider from the perspective of Pakistan.”

John Brennan: I think Joe Biden was most concerned about if it was a failed mission, what it would mean for Barack Obama and his prospects for a second term.

Ben Rhodes: I was struck by the absolute confidence that McRaven had in this operation. Mullen represented that in the meeting. It was interesting because Mullen and Gates had never disagreed before about a big issue.

Tom Donilon: He had a split room—the most prominent national security Americans in this country had different views.

James Clapper: In fact, we hadn’t really settled on how it was going to go—the special ops folks, they were already primed, but there was still discussion about some kind of standoff attack, either with the B-2 or one of these small anti-personnel weapons that you’d launch from a remote-piloted vehicle.

Ben Rhodes: I remember sitting in that meeting and thinking about the campaign I wrote the speech he gave in 2007 where he said that he’d go into Pakistan to get bin Laden and everybody pounced on him. The Pakistanis had declared martial law and threatened the United States and all these things. I remembered how certain he was having that fight on the campaign. I figured already that he made up his mind—he decided years ago that if he had a lead on bin Laden in Pakistan that he would do this. I framed my recommendation around that. I said, “You always said that you would do this, so let’s do this.”

Mike Leiter: I was the last one to go. I ended with, “Even if I take the lowest range of what one of the red team analysts said—40 percent—in my view, that’s 38 percent higher than we’ve been for the past 10 years going after bin Laden.” Even if it is not a slam dunk, it is thoroughly more convincing than anything else we’ve seen.

‘Biden pulled me and Denis McDonough into the small conference room in the Situation Room and asked us, “You guys think he’s going to do this?”’

Audrey Tomason: I was nervous, understanding that this opportunity had never come around before and that “The Pacer” could have left at any moment. The circle of people who were aware was starting to grow, which increased the risk of a leak, which then increased the risk of tip-off. The moment we had was fleeting. I was nervous we might miss it.

Tom Donilon: At the end of the session, the president said, “You’ll have my decision tomorrow morning.”

Ben Rhodes: Biden pulled me and Denis McDonough into the small conference room in the Situation Room and asked us, “You guys think he’s going to do this?” We both said, “Yes, absolutely. He always said he would.” What was interesting about that is that Biden said, “Look, I see my role as trying to stretch out his options.” In a sense, Biden was just trying to make sure that Obama had a bunch of room for his decision-making. That always made me think that while he was opposed in the meeting, that some of his opposition was this role he saw for himself—he took a position against the grain to just create space.

Tom Donilon: I left the Situation Room with the president. We went up to the Oval Office. I went over some other things, and he walked out of the Oval Office over to the colonnade, which separates the West Wing from the main White House mansion where president lives. My distinct memory is standing there watching the president walk in the colonnade all by himself and thinking: “We put these decisions solely on the shoulders of one person.”

‘Holy shit, this thing’s going to happen’

On Friday, Obama was scheduled to travel to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to tour recent tornado damage, then head onward to Cape Canaveral to watch the final space shuttle, commanded by astronaut Mark Kelly, whose wife, Rep. Gabby Giffords, had been shot earlier in January.

Tom Donilon: The president emailed me that morning at around 7:30 or so and said, “Meet me in the Diplomatic Room.” I gathered myself, Bill Daley, John Brennan and Denis McDonough—the top national security team in the White House—and went over to the Diplomatic Room, which is on the first floor of the White House and has really one of the stunning views. If you look out the back door, it’s where the helicopter is sitting.

The president came in wearing a windbreaker and walked over to us. He looked at us and said, “It’s a go, we’re going to do the raid.” And he said to me, “Draft up the orders,” and he walked out to go look at tornado damage.

Bill Daley: Holy shit, this thing’s going to happen.

John Brennan: We had a lot of work to do in the next 48 hours.

Tom Donilon: I called Leon Panetta and relayed the president’s decision.

‘He looked at us and said, “It’s a go, we’re going to do the raid.” And he said to me, “Draft up the orders.”’

Ben Rhodes: There was a kind of brief discussion of the White House Correspondents Dinner. Obama was like, “Just tell McRaven to go whichever day he thinks is best.”

Mike Morell: I remember Hillary saying, “Fuck the White House Correspondents Dinner—if we ever let a political event get in the way of a military operational decision, shame on us.” I thought that was hilarious and absolutely right.

President Obama tours tornado damage in Tuscaloosa, Ala., April 29, 2011. | Pete Souza/White House

Nick Rasmussen: Donilon convened the principals that afternoon. OK, we’ve got the president’s decision—what do we need to implement? How do we mitigate risk for bad outcomes? Can we do that in a way that doesn’t tip off that we think something is up?

Matt Spence: I’ve often wondered whether we could have pulled this off if this had been like post-Benghazi, because of all the preparations you would need to do for embassy security that might have conflicted with the operational security.

Ben Rhodes: There were scenarios where we go in, there’s a firefight, and we have to explain it or we go and bin Laden’s not there, we leave, and we try to keep it a secret—basically, talking points and question-and-answer documents and scripts for calls with the press, notification plans, for all these different scenarios.

The First Family, including First Lady Michelle Obama's mother Marian Robinson, on the platform where they would have watched the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor, in Cape Canaveral, Fla., April 29, 2011. | Pete Souza/White House

Katie Johnson: I got the call that we were canceling West Wing tours all weekend. I don’t think I did it any other time for the 2½ years I was there. It was very much without explanation. That was the first thing for me that really raised a red flag that something big was going to happen. People were upset. I remember getting emails—famous people or celebrities were in town over that particular weekend. They just all got pulled down.

Bill Daley: Friday night, my wife says to me, “Something wrong? You seem to be really off. Is there something going on with us—personally or what?” We had an apartment in D.C., and I took her down to the first-floor bathroom, turned on the faucet, took her in the shower, shut the shower door, and whispered in her ear: “We’re going to go after Osama bin Laden.”

‘Show up for the dinner as if nothing else [is] happening’

Saturday, April 30, 2011

George Little: I had driven to CIA headquarters in Langley, and I picked up a lock bag—classic intelligence community lock bag in which I could carry classified materials—and drove myself down to the White House to meet Ben Rhodes. I went to the Secret Service gate outside the West Wing. I was not in the entry system that day, and it took me a while to get cleared in. I was standing there for about 45 minutes, and all I could think was someone was going to steal this bag, which has every single detail of the bin Laden operation in it. I will personally be responsible for blowing this. I was sweating bullets.

Jon Darby: It was my responsibility to update the director of NSA—Gen. Keith Alexander at the time—on how things were going. All those updates, nothing was emailed. It was all hard copy and hand-carry up to him. We even clamped down on all system upgrades for several weeks before the operation just in case. It’s a highly technical agency—sometimes you do upgrades and some things go wrong. We couldn’t afford anything to go wrong.

I’ve been in this business for—at the time—27 years, and I’d never been involved in anything as secret as compartmented as this. We couldn’t tell a lot of people across NSA about what this was all about. We still had people working round-the-clock in the weeks leading up to this under the guise of a military operation of some sort, but nobody really knew the objective. On that weekend—you think about how big NSA is—maybe roughly 50 people at NSA knew.

Mike Morell: We go to the White House that morning for these daily deputies meetings. The meeting starts with McRaven—he’s on the screen from Jalalabad—saying that they’re weathered out for Saturday night, Washington time. It’s not going to happen today.

Leon Panetta: At that point, the decision was that we all should show up for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as if nothing else was happening.

President Obama preps for the White House Correspondents Dinner speech with Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and David Axelrod, in the Oval Office, April 30, 2011. | Pete Souza/White House

Ben Rhodes: I was on all the White House speechwriter email chains. I remember the absurdity of that week—the speechwriters being in hysterics about this Trump takedown that they’re writing, different jokes flying back and forth, Gary Busey and Celebrity Apprentice. There was this bizarre duality—my classified email has all these scripts for how we’re going to talk about the bin Laden operation, and my unclassified email with the speechwriters was them just kind of going back and forth with this roast of Donald Trump.

Jon Favreau: The famous joke—the one that everyone remembers—came from Judd Apatow. When we do these speeches, we have this long list of comedians and comedy writers that we ask to send in jokes. It’s the most fun part of my job every year. I was in the speechwriter’s office, with Jon Lovett, Cody and Judd was on speakerphone. Lovett asked him, “OK, tell us this joke that you want to do about The Celebrity Apprentice.” We were laughing so hard. After he finished, I said, “I think we should try this.” We gave it to Obama and he was like, he thought it was like the funniest thing he’d ever heard. He was really getting into the Trump stuff.

Dan Pfeiffer: There was so much fodder—these great jokes about Trump and Celebrity Apprentice. And we were going to do this video that had the birth scene from The Lion King.

Jon Favreau: Jon Lovett and I walked up to the Outer Oval, and I tried out some of the jokes in front of Katie Johnson and Nick Rasmussen, and he was not laughing. I was like, “Oh, I guess you didn’t have a great sense of humor.” Little did I know at the time he had a few other things on his mind. Then we go into the Oval and go over all the jokes. And the president’s very excited. He loves the jokes. He’s laughing and in great spirits. You would not know that anything else was going on—the compartmentalization you do as president of the United States. You have one meeting with a bunch of fucking jokers like us about your one-liners for the correspondents’ dinner. And then the next minute you were meeting with your national security team about a potential strike against Osama bin Laden.

We get into the speech, he says, “There’s one joke that I want to change.” The joke is about all of the Republicans mocking Obama’s middle name. The joke was about how, “You wouldn’t know it, but a lot of these potential Republican candidates in 2012 also have some interesting middle names.” And one of them was like “Tim bin Laden Pawlenty.” And he’s like, “Why don’t we say his middle name is Hosni, like Hosni Mubarak? I remember just being like, “That’s not as funny.” And Obama is like, “Trust me on this. I really think Hosni will be much funnier.”

Dan Pfeiffer: No one could figure out why Obama made that change. It seemed like a weird change.

Mike McFaul, senior director, National Security Council, White House: I was in charge of Russia and Central Asia, and Friday night, I got a call from McDonough saying we’re going to make a phone call to Nazarbayev, the president of Kazakhstan, to ask him for an enhancement of something called the NDN, the Northern Distribution Network, which helped us airlift military supplies and personnel into Afghanistan. I had a pretty long argument pushing back on McDonough as to why I thought the timing of this particular ask was inappropriate and wrong. I remember Denis saying something like, “Thank you, Mr. Kazakhstani expert McFaul, for your wisdom about the timing of this call, but this call is happening tomorrow.”

The reason we were calling Nazarbayev is that we are worried—I didn’t know this at the time, I literally did not know it—that after the raid they would close down our supply routes through Pakistan. We were hedging our bets.

Adm. William McRaven: The president called on Saturday to wish me luck. He was so sincere about me ensuring that the guys understood that, he as the president, understood that they were taking great risks—that this was important for the nation. He was asking them to risk their lives for this. He appreciated that. That’s an important phone call for me.

Jon Favreau: It was like an hour before the dinner started—I was in my tux getting ready to go to the Hilton—and I get a call from Obama. And he’s like, “I’ll probably remember to say this, but just in case, could you please put in the script, ‘May God bless our troops, may God keep our troops safe.’” I thought that that was weird and unusual for him to want to add in there.

PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

This 5 volume series written in 1869 is considered the standard reference for Pennylvania's Civil War regimental rosters and histories. This book series has been digitized and placed online by several projects.

Google Books

Google Books are searchable within each volume

Making of America Project

Regiments will open in a new browser window

History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, #5.
Search Volume five 180th regiment - 215th regiment independent batteries colored regiments

Each of the following regiments has the history of the organization and service of the regiment followed by muster rolls for the Field and Staff Officers, Regimental Band (if any), the Companies from Company A to Company K, and Unassigned Men (if any).

Three Months' Service

  • First Five Companies
  • First ( 1st ) Regiment
  • Second ( 2nd ) Regiment
  • Third ( 3rd ) Regiment
  • Fourth ( 4th ) Regiment
  • Fifth ( 5th ) Regiment
  • Sixth ( 6th )Regiment
  • Seventh ( 7th ) Regiment
  • Eighth ( 8th ) Regiment
  • Ninth (9th ) Regiment
  • Tenth ( 10th ) Regiment
  • Eleventh ( 11th ) Regiment
  • Twelfth ( 12th ) Regiment
  • Thirteenth ( 13th ) Regiment
  • Fourteenth ( 14th ) Regiment
  • Fifteenth ( 15th ) Regiment
  • Sixteenth 16th ) Regiment
  • Seventeenth ( 17th ) Regiment
  • Eighteenth ( 18th ) Regiment
  • Nineteenth ( 19th ) Regiment
  • Twentieth ( 20th ) Regiment
  • Twenty-First ( 21st ) Regiment
  • Twenty-Second ( 22nd ) Regiment
  • Twenty-Third ( 23rd ) Regiment
  • Twenty-Fourth ( 24th ) Regiment
  • Twenty-Fifth ( 25th )Regiment
  • The Erie Regiment
  • The First Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry

Three Years' Service

  • Twenty-Third ( 23rd ) Regiment
  • Twenty-Sixth ( 26th ) Regiment
  • Twenty-Seventh ( 27th ) Regiment
  • Twenty-Eighth ( 28th ) Regiment
  • Twenty-Ninth ( 29th ) Regiment
  • Introductory Note
  • Thirtieth ( 30th ) Regiment, First ( 1st ) Reserve
  • Thirty-First ( 31st ) Regiment, Second ( 2nd ) Reserve
  • Thirty-Second ( 32nd ) Regiment, Third ( 3rd ) Reserve
  • Thirty-Third ( 33rd ) Regiment, Fourth ( 4th ) Reserve
  • Thirty-Fourth ( 34th ) Regiment, Fifth ( 5th ) Reserve
  • Thirty-Fifth ( 35th ) Regiment, Sixth ( 6th ) Reserve
  • Thirty-Sixth ( 36th ) Regiment, Seventh ( 7th ) Reserve
  • Thirty-Seventh ( 37th ) Regiment, Eighth ( 8th ) Reserve
  • Thirty-Eighth ( 38th ) Regiment, Ninth ( 9th ) Reserve
  • Thirty-Ninth ( 39th ) Regiment, Tenth ( 10th ) Reserve
  • Fortieth ( 40th ) Regiment, Eleventh ( 11th ) Reserve
  • Forty-First ( 41st ) Regiment, Twelfth ( 12th ) Reserve
  • Forty-Second ( 42nd ) Regiment, Bucktail
  • Forty-Third ( 43rd ) Regiment, First ( 1st ) Artillery
  • Forty-Fourth Regiment ( 44th ), First ( 1st ) Cavalry
  • Forty-Fifth ( 45th )Regiment
  • Forty-Sixth ( 46th ) Regiment
  • Forty-Seventh ( 47th ) Regiment
  • Forty-Eighth ( 48th ) Regiment
  • Forty-Ninth ( 49th ) Regiment
  • Fiftieth ( 50th ) Regiment

Three Months' Service

  • Fifty-First ( 51st ) Regiment
  • Fifty-Second ( 52nd ) Regiment
  • Fifty-Third ( 53rd ) Regiment
  • Fifty-Fourth ( 54th ) Regiment
  • Fifty-Fifth ( 55th ) Regiment
  • Fifty-Sixth ( 56th ) Regiment
  • Fifty-Seventh ( 57th ) Regiment
  • Fifty-Eighth ( 58th ) Regiment
  • Fifty-Ninth ( 59th ) Regiment, Second ( 2nd ) Cavalry
  • Sixtieth ( 60th ) Regiment, Third ( 3rd ) Cavalry
  • Sixty-First ( 61st ) Regiment
  • Sixty-Second ( 62nd ) Regiment
  • Sixty-Third ( 63rd ) Regiment
  • Sixty-Fourth ( 64th ) Regiment, Fourth ( 4th ) Cavalry
  • Sixty-Fifth ( 65th ) Regiment, Fifth ( 5th ) Cavalry
  • Sixty-Sixth ( 66th ) Regiment
  • Sixty-Seventh ( 67th ) Regiment
  • Sixty-Eighth ( 68th ) Regiment
  • Sixty-Ninth ( 69th ) Regiment
  • Seventieth ( 70th ) Regiment, Sixth ( 6th )Cavalry
  • Seventy-First ( 71st ) Regiment
  • Seventy-Second ( 72nd ) Regiment
  • Seventy-Third ( 73rd ) Regiment
  • Seventy-Fourth ( 74th ) Regiment
  • Seventy-Fifth ( 75th ) Regiment
  • Seventy-Sixth (76th ) Regiment
  • Seventy-Seventh( 77th ) Regiment
  • Seventy-Eight ( 78th ) Regiment
  • Seventy-Ninth ( 79th ) Regiment
  • Eightieth ( 80th ) Regiment, Seventh ( 7th ) Cavalry
  • Eighty-First ( 81st ) Regiment
  • Eighty-Second ( 82nd ) Regiment
  • Eighty-Third ( 83rd ) Regiment
  • Eighty-Fourth ( 84th ) Regiment

Three Years' Service

  • Eighty-Fifth ( 85th ) Regiment
  • Eighty-Seventh ( 87th ) Regiment
  • Eighty-Eighth ( 88th ) Regiment
  • Eighty-Ninth ( 89th ) Regiment, Eighth ( 8th ) Cavalry
  • Ninetieth ( 90th ) Regiment
  • Ninety-First ( 91st ) Regiment
  • Ninety-Second ( 92nd ) Regiment, Ninth ( 9th ) Cavalry
  • Ninety-Third ( 93rd ) Regiment
  • Ninety-Fifth ( 95th ) Regiment
  • Ninety-Sixth ( 96th ) Regiment
  • Ninety-Seventh ( 97th ) Regiment
  • Ninety-Eighth ( 98th ) Regiment
  • Ninety-Ninth ( 99th ) Regiment
  • One Hundredth ( 100th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and First ( 101st ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Second ( 102nd ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Third ( 103rd ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Fourth ( 104th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Fifth ( 105th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Sixth ( 106th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Seventh ( 107th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Eighth ( 108th ) Regiment, Eleventh ( 11th ) Cavalry
  • One Hundred and Ninth ( 109th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Tenth ( 110th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Eleventh ( 111th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Twelfth ( 112th ) Regiment, Second (2nd ) Artillery
  • One Hundred and Thirteenth ( 113th ) Regiment, Twelfth ( 12th ) Cavalry
  • One Hundred and Fourteenth ( 114th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Fifteenth ( 115th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Sixteenth ( 116th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Seventeenth ( 117th ) Regiment, Thirteenth ( 13th ) Cavalry
  • One Hundred and Eighteenth ( 118th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Nineteenth ( 119th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Twenty-First ( 120th ) Regiment

Nine Months' Service

  • One Hundred And Twenty-Second ( 122nd ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Twenty-Third ( 123rd ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Twenty-Fourth ( 124th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Twenty-Fifth ( 125th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Twenty-Sixth ( 126th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Twenty-Seventh ( 127th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Twenty-Eighth ( 128th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Twenty-Ninth ( 129th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Thirtieth ( 130th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Thirty-First ( 131st ) Regiment
  • One Hundred and Thirty-Second ( 132nd ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Thirty-Third ( 133rd ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Thirty-Fourth ( 134th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Thirty-Fifth ( 135th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Thirty-Sixth ( 136th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Thirty-Seventh ( 137th ) Regiment

Three Years' Service

  • One Hundred And Thirty-Eighth ( 138th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Thirty-Ninth ( 139th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Fortieth ( 140th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Forty-First ( 141st ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Forty-Second ( 142nd ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Forty-Third ( 143rd ) Regiments
  • One Hundred And Forty-Fifth ( 145th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Forty-Seventh ( 147th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Forty-Eighth ( 148th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Forty-Ninth ( 149th ) Regiment - Bucktail
  • One Hundred And Fiftieth ( 159th ) Regiment - Bucktail
  • One Hundred And Fifty-First ( 151st ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Fifty-Second ( 152nd ) Regiment, Third ( 3rd ) Artillery
  • One Hundred And Fifty-Third ( 153rd ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Fifty-Fourth ( 154th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Fifty-Fifth ( 155th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Fifty-Seventh ( 157th ) Regiment

Nine Months' Service

  • One Hundred And Fifty-Eighth ( 158th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Fifty-Ninth ( 159th ) Regiment, Fourteenth ( 14th ) Cavalry
  • Anderson Troop
  • One Hundred And Sixtieth ( 160th ) Regiment, Fifteenth ( 15th ) (Anderson) Cavalry
  • One Hundred And Sixty-First ( 161st ) Regiment, Sixteenth ( 16th ) Cavalry
  • One Hundred And Sixty-Second ( 162nd ) Regiment, Seventeenth ( 17th ) Cavalry
  • One Hundred And Sixty-Third ( 163rd ) Regiment, Eighteenth Cavalry
  • One Hundred And Sixty-Fifth ( 165th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Sixty-Sixth ( 166th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Sixty-Seventh ( 167th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Sixty-Eighth ( 168th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Sixty-Ninth ( 169th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Seventy-First ( 171st ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Seventy-Second ( 172nd ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Seventy-Third ( 173rd ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Seventy-Fourth ( 174th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Seventy-Fifth ( 175th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Seventy-Sixth ( 176th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Seventy-Seventh ( 177th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Seventy-Eighth ( 178th ) Regiment
  • One Hundred And Seventy-Ninth ( 179th ) Regiment

Three Years' Service

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5 prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates.

Confederate and Union Civil War Prisoners of War

Index cards of burial records of Pennsylvania veterans 1777 - 1999 including the Civil War.

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