Review: Volume 46 - John F. Kennedy

Review: Volume 46 - John F. Kennedy

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"Hear No Evil: Social Constructivism and the Forensic Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination" is a detailed walkthrough of the major scientific evidence in the JFK murder, presenting an analysis which builds toward a powerful presentation of the "acoustics evidence" for which he is well known. Along the way, Thomas delivers a withering critique of many of the government's hand-picked scientific experts, who failed the public trust by failing to follow the evidence. Thomas' book marshalls the evidence for not 3, or 4, but 5 shots in Dealey Plaza, including one from the infamous "Grassy Knoll." But revering no sacred cows, Thomas demolishes myths promulgated by both Warren Commission adherents and conspiracy advocates, and presents a novel and compelling re-interpretation of the “single bullet theory.”

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