How true is the Soviet killing quota under Stalin?

How true is the Soviet killing quota under Stalin?

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In The Soviet Story from 1:37:54 to 1:38:54, killing quotas of Soviet citizens are talked about. I could not find any concrete reason, evidence, or documentation suggesting that such "killing quotas " existed inflicted by the Soviet government on its own people and find it to make very little sense.

Can someone verify the claims made in this video and back them up with some evidence as they seem exaggerated to me off the bat.

This quota ("лимиты") was introduced in the infamous NKVD Order No. 00447 of July 30, 1937 (yes, as Mark says, Wikipedia does help, you just have to know where to look; Russian Wikipedia mirror is much more detailed than the English link I gave). If and when I have more time, I will add more on this. The only surprising thing about these quotas is that they surprise anybody: After all, USSR was a country of planned economy.

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