Complete list of Inca emperors

Complete list of Inca emperors

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The Inca empire It was one of the largest and most important in Pre-Columbian America that developed between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and whose capital was Cuzco, in Peru, the country where the empire originated.

While the Incas originated in Cuzco, the empire expanded into various regions, calling the empire itself Tahuantinsuyo.

It comprised a total of 6 current countries, and a seventh is in doubt:

Brazil (in doubt, it is believed that there are two roads that the Incas could have built on the borders with the Guianas, which would lead to Quito - Ecuador-)

Inca as sovereign

The Inca was the sovereign of the Inca Empire, also called Inca Capac and Inca Sapa, the first being Manco Cápac and the last, Atahualpa.

The seventh, Inca Roca, was the first to use the denomination "Inca”As title.

In turn, the title "Inca"Was used by the"Incas of Vilcabamba", the leaders of the resistance to the conquest of Peru.

It is extremely difficult to dating the reign of the Incas for lacking completely reliable sources. There are a multitude of possible dates according to different authors and chroniclers throughout History, but for ours we will base ourselves on the Pedagogical Folder web, belonging to institutions in Peru and that is the one officially used in that country.

Anyway, although there may be a variation in the dates, the order of the Inca emperors list as the approximation of the number of years they ruled, they are quite clear and the variations, in the latter case, are minimal.

List of Inca emperors

IncasDates (approx)EpochWife
Manco CapacRich Lord of Vassals1150-1178Legendary IncaMama Ocllo
Sinchi RocaPrudent prince1178-1190Legendary IncaMama Cura
Lloque YupanquiMemorable Lefty1197-1246Inca local confederationMama Caua
Mayta CapacThe Melancholic1246-1276Inca local confederationMama Pacuráray
Capac YupanquiSupreme Accountant1276-1321Inca local confederationCurihilpay
Inca RockCourageous Supreme Sovereign1321-1348Inca local confederationMama Micaya
Yahuar HuácacThe One Who Cries Blood1348-1370Inca local confederationMama Chiquia
Viracocha (Huiracocha Inca)Sea foam1370-1430Inca local confederationMama rondocaya
Pachacútec (Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui)World Transformer1430-1478Initial Inca expansion
Amaru Inca YupanquiSupreme Sovereign1478Initial Inca expansion
Tupac Inca YupanquiResplendent and Memorable King1478-1488Inca Imperial heyday
Huayna CapacMighty Young1488-1525Inca Imperial heyday
HuáscarGold chain1525-1532Inca Imperial Crisis
AtahualpaHappy winner1532-1533Inca Imperial Crisis

List of Incas of Vilcamba

Incas of VilcabambaDatesKinship
Manco Inca Yupanqui1533-1536
Sayri Tupac Inca1545-1558Son of Manco Inca
Titu Cusi Yupanqui1563-1570Son of Manco and brother of Sayri. Took de facto power
Tupac Amaru1570-1572Brother of Titu Cusi

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