Manuscript "The Gospels of Saint Augustine" (end of the 6th century)


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The manuscript "The Gospels of Saint Augustine", is a work that is in the Parker Library of Corpus Christi College of the University of Cambridge.

In turn, it is guarded there by the writer Christopher de Hamel, and added to his work «Great medieval manuscripts«.

Medieval manuscript "The Gospels of Saint Augustine"

It is a book worked in Italy and presumably brought to England by Saint Augustine of Canterbury, well during his evangelism of Britain of the year 597 or received from Pope Gregory the Great in 601.

There is a certainty that the book was in the Canterbury Abbey from the 10th century.

During the Middle Ages, the manuscript was not kept in the library but remained on the altar for use in religious ceremonies.

The book was donated to the Parker Library by Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1575.

The codex originally included representations of the four evangelists, but only that of Saint lucas.

Despite having only two full-page illustrations, the codex is very interesting for its original scenes from the life of Christ represented in the margins.

The manuscript in the work "Great medieval manuscripts"

Christopher de Hamel, closely related to this book by his work, tells us in his book at the end of the chapter that corresponds to him, as the Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope Benedict XVI they ended up prostrate before him during the latter's visit to Great Britain in 2010.

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