Who was Creon? Biography of the King of Thebes

Who was Creon? Biography of the King of Thebes

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Creon (or Creon) was king of Thebes, Layo's successor and Yocasta's brother.

He gave the throne to Oedipus after the Sphinx episode, giving him the hand of Jocasta.

When Oedipus went into exile, he restored the throne to him and entrusted him with his sons, Eteocles and Polynice.

Creon sacrificed his son Megareo to the god Ares to save Thebes from the Seven Chiefs. He condemned Antigone to death for burying his brother Polinice, killed in a fratricidal fight with Eteocles who also died, but received the funeral honors from Creon. This one was killed by Theseus.

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