New paleontological excavation in Igea (La Rioja)

New paleontological excavation in Igea (La Rioja)

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The team that during 2018 excavated the paleontological site "Garras" in Igea, La Rioja, has returned last Friday July 5th to work as a matter of urgency due to the risk of looting and deterioration, and with the support and authorizations of the Heritage Conservation Service, the Igea City Council and the General Directorate of Culture and Tourism of the Government of La Rioja.

The excavations are being carried out again given the indications that have been found that the remains contained in the site could be of a large dinosaurEither a huge carnivore or a long-necked herbivorous sauropod.

Igea and its rich dinosaur fossil record

Igea contains a valuable fossil record, both in dinosaur footprints, as on their bones and teeth, as well as other types of animals such as mollusks, turtles, pterosaurs, crocodiles, and many varieties of ancient plants such as ferns and conifers.

The most profound discovery was made last year, when the remains of a spinosaurid theropod, and a ornithopod of hypsilophodontic type.

Via Paleontological Interpretation Center in Igea

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