Tomb of a senior official found in Saqqara, Egypt

Tomb of a senior official found in Saqqara, Egypt

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Egyptian archaeologists have reported the find of the tomb of a high official of the V Dynasty named Khuwy, during excavations in southern Saqqara.

The tomb consists of a superstructure with an L-shaped offering chamber, which was decorated with reliefs. Only the lower part of this decoration is preserved, as blocks of white limestone from elsewhere were reused in the construction of other buildings in ancient times.

Mostafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained that the mission has found on the north wall of the tomb, the entrance to a single substructure, which for the first time identifies its inspiration in the design of the substructures of the royal pyramids of the V Dynasty.

This part of the tomb begins with a descending corridor that leads to a vestibule, where an entrance in its south wall gives access to a decorated antechamber.

Its decoration represents the owner of the tomb seated in front of the offering table on the south and north walls. Additionally, the offering list was depicted on the east wall, and the palace facade on the west wall.

Apparently, the burial chamber space was completely occupied by a limestone sarcophagus, which was found totally destroyed by ancient grave robbers.”, Explained Mohamed Megahed, head of the archaeological mission.

However, the mission did discover the human remains of Khuwy, showing clear traces of mummification.

An entrance in the south wall of the decorated antechamber leads to a small room that most likely was used as a warehouse. This room was littered with rubble, and no significant finds were made.

«The discovery of this tomb shows us the importance of the Djedkare era and the end of the V Dynasty in general”, Concluded Megahed.

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