Enjoy the best holidays in La Manga del Mar Menor

Enjoy the best holidays in La Manga del Mar Menor

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As we all know, taking a vacation at least once a year is something absolutely essential that every human needs, especially if you spend most of your time at work. That is why choose the holiday destination, is in turn, the most important point of a trip.

Surely, more than once we have doubted about the place to visit, since within our peninsula we have so many fantastic places that the choice becomes considerably complicated. So, many times they are the ones we choose somewhere on the beach and sun to relax.

So, whether it's summer or Easter, we always like to take advantage of the good weather to be able to enjoy it with family or friends in our favorite destinations. So, as we have already mentioned before, a large percentage of the population chooses to visit the Spanish coasts on their days off.

This is how we discovered one of the favorite trips of most people, and a place that everyone should visit if they have not already done so. Is about La Manga del Mar Menor.

Its name comes precisely from its shape, since on the map we can see that between the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea a thin sleeve of earth forms, where this magnificent place known as The sleeve, in the province of Murcia.

The Mar Menor is the cause that many villages have their own coast, since the Mar Menor has its own beaches, being an inland sea. However, La Manga is the best place to visit, since due to its strategic location it has access to both seas, both the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea.

This is precisely what makes La Manga a charming place, where we can enjoy long walks, baths at any time of the day, the best atmosphere and the most pleasant people. La Manga has been gaining fame over the years and that is why more and more people decide to spend their holidays there.

What can I do during a vacation in La Manga del Mar Menor?

Thus, its wide range of various holiday and leisure activities make us wonder what we can do in this great little town. So to know what to do in La Manga we just have to learn a little more.

In the first place, we can take a bath in the Mediterranean Sea, without forgetting the Mar Menor, where we can do different activities and water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, paddle surfing, or kayaking. We can taste all this if we visit this small sea with so much charm.

Next, we can see how La Manga is divided into kilometers, since everything is located and situated throughout the town. We can visit any kilometer and see how this population is organized, observing this curious way.

In addition to all this, we will not be able to leave La Manga without having visited the souk, without having taken something in that area or without having made a purchase as a souvenir of the place. Summer nights are also highly acclimated in this area so both young and old can enjoy it to the fullest.

Also, another of the obligatory activities that we cannot miss is taking a small excursion to Cabo de Palos, where we will find the lighthouse and some very beautiful cliffs. In this area we can also snorkeling and diving with oxygen cylinders, enjoying a unique experience for the whole family.

Finally, we cannot stop eating on the beach itself, in the different bars and beach bars that are located on the same sand. Here we will not only spend a unique time but we will also enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in its full splendor. We cannot miss it.

Discover here the best places to stay in La Manga

Therefore, it is highly recommended to do hotel reservations that are well located and from which we can reach all the most important sites on foot, without having to take long walks or take the car or any other transport. Therefore, we must pay attention to the location of the hotel to enjoy a summer vacation in La Manga.

On the other hand, we must know that hotels are the best accommodation option in a place like La Manga. In them we will have full comfort, all kinds of facilities, we will be located in the best areas, close to everything important to visit as well as the most popular tourist areas during the summer.

Finally, little more remains to be added, since we have already seen that visiting La Manga is 100% worth it, especially during the long summer where we can enjoy long days, many hours of sun and light, being on the beach, relaxing like never before and enjoying a fully deserved vacation.

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