Program of the 2019 Sacred Art Festival in Madrid

Program of the 2019 Sacred Art Festival in Madrid

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In the Teatros del Canal of the Community of Madrid there will be concerts included in theInfinite Music Cycle, within the framework of XXIX International Festival of Sacred Art of the Community of Madrid.

From March 17 to April 10 in the Red, Green and Black rooms.

Infinite music cycle

MARÍA BERASARTE + PEPE RIVERO TRÍO (Spain / Cuba) - Dreamless cityGame and Theory of the Duende I / Year Lorca
Festival commission / Absolute premiere
Duration: 90 minutes
Sunday March 17th · Sala Verde · 19: 00h

María Berasarte, Pepe Rivero, Reinier Elizarde "El Negrón" and Georvis Pico meet Federico García Lorca musically in the city of skyscrapers. From there is bornDreamless city. The quartet shows in a jazz key the artist's desire for renewal, surrealism, existential anguish, memories and longings for the poet from Granada.

The happy twenties, the stock market crash, and the crowds of the big city are the setting in which we will place this great multidisciplinary artist giving a new sensitivity to his work.

PACO IBÁÑEZ + SOLEÁ MORENTE (Spain) - Paco Ibáñez sings to García Lorca and his brothers - Game and Theory of the Duende II / Year Lorca
Festival commission / Absolute premiere
Duration: 100 minutes
Tuesday, March 19 · Green Room · 9:30 p.m.

Paco Ibáñez, the voice of poets, the humanist, the committed artist, presents a journey through the songs of Federico García Lorca and his brothers of experiences, generation and historical commitment, whose voices rise with the true essence of poetry, strength, tenderness, love ...

Become an icon of the fight for truth and freedom, internationalist and ambassador of poetry in the world, Paco Ibáñez offers a concert that is a proposal of love, freedom and dignity, a symbol of resistance to injustice, violence and horror.

Festival commission / Absolute premiere
Duration: 80 minutes
Tuesday, March 26 · Sala Verde · 20: 00h

The universe and planet Pluto are the inspirations for this new tagless sound. An artistic project whose creations are free from musical conventions and the artistic canons that govern them.

Ernesto Aurignac's eclectic nature and tireless spirit bring a resounding sound to the repertoire that will no doubt shake and move the listener in equal measure.

ALEJANDRO PELAYO PROYECT (Spain) - On the blades of grass. Music for the Walt Whitman Bicentennial
Festival commission / Absolute premiere
Duration: 50 minutes
Wednesday 27 March · Sala Negra · 20: 00h

We celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of the father of American poetry, Walt Whitman (1813 - 1892). A writer whose work has marked other greats of literature such as T. S. Eliot, Borges, Neruda or Lorca. His masterpieceLeaves of Grass, Published in 1855, it was kept in constant growth for four decades with different and renewed editions until its last publication in 1897.

It exalts the body and the material world, praises nature and the role of the human individual in it. This does not diminish the role of mind and spirit, but elevates the human mind and form, both of which are worthy of poetic praise. All the poems are interconnected and each one represents his vision of his philosophy of life and humanity.

The book is characterized by its joy and praise of the senses at a time when first-person manifestations and self-expression were considered immoral. His work breaks the canons of the poetic form and is closer to prose. He first used unusual images and symbols in poetry and wrote openly about death and sexuality including prostitution.

Through the reading of his poems and the original music composed by Alejandro Pelayo we enter the historical framework and social context of the poet. The music is a mixture of aromas that come from the southern United States, the blues of the Mississippi and the New Orleans piano sound, more French and European.

The objective of the show is that the music accompanies and elevates the beauty of the words of Walt Whitman, read by Juan Diego Botto and Irene Escolar.

MARIA RODÉS (Spain) - Lilith
Festival commission / Absolute premiere
Duration: 60 minutes
Thursday, March 28 · Sala Negra · 19: 00h

Adaptation of the premiere that Maria Rodés will present at the festival on the particular universe of witches. And it could not be in another space other than in room 67, in dialogue with theBlack paints by Goya, withThe coven orThe big bastardAsmodea YThe grim reapers under the watchful eye of Saturn. Without a doubt, one of the great nights of the festival.

SOFÍA COMAS (Spain) - The summer will be eternal
Absolute premiere
Duration: 60 minutes
Sunday March 31st · Sala Negra · 18: 00h

The projectThe summer will be eternal addresses the experience of grief through the artistic experience that seeks the comfort and beauty that arise from the pain after the loss of a loved one.The summer will be eternal aims to explore, from emotion and through songs and poetry, the phases of mourning, and for this it will use seasonal changes as a narrative thread of the internal processes that we go through.

Sofía Comas and Gonzalo Rivas Zinno met in 2015. Since then they have made original joint compositions for various projects.The summer will be eternal part of an original idea by Sofía Comas with Gonzalo Rivas Zinno as musical co-author. The texts and lyrics of the songs are by Sofía Comas in collaboration with Sol Salama, editor of Tránsito. Dance will be present thanks to the participation of the choreographer and dancer Itsaso A. Cano.

DAAHOUD SALIM QUINTET (Spain / Holland) - Encounters
Festival commission / Absolute premiere
Duration: 75 minutes
Tuesday 2 April · Sala Verde · 21: 30h

In the two years that he has been active, he has played in some of the most important venues and festivals in Europe (Bimhuis, Madrid International Jazz Festival, Mas i Mas Festival in Jamboree, Amersfoor Jazz Festival, Parco dalla Musica Auditorium in Rome, International Festival de Jazz de Getxo, Silesian Jazz Festival de Katowice, Poland, Festival de Jazz de Ibiza, etc), as well as for most of the Spanish geography.

His music is based on compositions by Daahoud and his father, Abdu Salim (who occasionally accompanies them on stage), one of the pioneers of jazz in Spain, founder of the first jazz school in Andalusia, and a source of inspiration for the group.

DORIAN WOOD (United States / Spain) - Xavela Lux Aeterna. Centennial birth of Chavela Vargas
Festival commission / Absolute premiere
Duration: 60 minutes
Wednesday, April 3 · Black Room · 20: 00h

In 2019, the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Mexican-Costa Rican singer Chavela Vargas is celebrated; She with a resplendent soul and a voice of fury, pain and burning. For artist Dorian Wood, the road to Chavela has been both a Holy Grail and a journey of self-reflection.Xavela Lux Aeterna it is half homage, half dialogue between two creative souls passing through a single body. "To those of us who have pushed society aside, Chavela is a divine presence," says Dorian.

“I personally feel an intense connection to this great artist, beginning with the similarities that we both have in terms of sexuality, origin and date of birth, and culminating with the greatest challenge one can achieve, which is to live the life one wants. Live, with scars and kisses and everything. Chavela had her great loves and deep pains. WithXavela Lux Aeterna, I would be very interested in exploring their 'whys' with the greatest respect and reverence, and inviting the public to explore with me ”.

Songs made popular by Chavela, intertwined with original compositions and folkloric themes from Costa Rica, will be performed by Dorian's distinctive and powerful voice and a chamber orchestra under the direction of Spanish artist Alberto Montero.

Xavela Lux Aeterna is a highly personal project and a unique tribute to a legendary artist of yesterday, from one of the most important artists of today.

TACHENKO AND GUESTS (Spain) - Five leaves left: the river man
Tribute 50 years since the publication of Nick Drake's first album
Festival commission / Absolute premiere
Duration: 70 minutes
Saturday April 6 · Black Room · 7:00 p.m.

The legacy of the British Nick Drake (1948 - 1974) is reduced to three superb albums that, largely due to his reluctance to perform live, went virtually unnoticed during his brief life span.

The Zaragozans Sergio Vinadé and Sebas Puente, Tachenko's neuronal tandem, as well as proselytizers of great pop, revere both the figure of Drake and his brief discography, and motivated by the fiftieth anniversary ofFive leaves left, superb debut work by the Briton, they have ventured to the titanic task of adapting it to Spanish and performing it live accompanied by guest artists who, above all, are friends.

IRIS AZQUINEZER (Spain) - Mousikē
Absolute premiere
Duration: 65 minutes
Sunday, April 7 · Sala Negra · 18: 00h

Mousiké It is a recital of music, poetry and dance. When this term was born in Greece, these three disciplines, the art of the muses, were one.Mousiképroposes a journey of inspiration through poetry and texts by Alfonsina Storni, Santa Teresa de Ávila, Gabriel García Márquez, Blas de Otero, Federico García Lorca or Ángela Figuera among others who remember that man, woman, young or old, we are one.

The movement of Aurélie Jarry, the music of Iris Azquinezer, the word recited by Tachia Quintanar, the silence, the look and the listening become one.

MOISÉS P. SÁNCHEZ + PABLO M. CAMINERO LUNATIC ENSEMBLE (Spain) - To the moon50 years since the arrival on the Moon
Festival commission / Absolute premiere
Duration: 75 minutes
Tuesday, April 9 · Sala Roja · 20: 00h

The moon has always had a vital importance in each and every one of the cultures and religions that have appeared throughout our history. Such has always been the desire of the human being to understand and get closer to the satellite, that one of the greatest feats of its vast and long history has to do with the obsession of being able to reach it.

It is now, 50 years after the arrival of man on the Moon, that it seems to us the most appropriate moment to, through a series of musical compositions, pay him a musical tribute. Music, which owes him so much and by which he has been inspired so many times.

ROCÍO MÁRQUEZ (Spain) Seen on Thursday
Absolute premiere
Duration: 75 minutes
Wednesday April 10 · Red Room · 20: 00h

Special performance in which the extraordinary singer Rocío Márquez will adapt part of her new work together with other songs in direct connection with Rubens' paintings on mythological themes in this room.

Works likeSaturn devouring a sonOrpheus and EurydiceThe Rape of Proserpina orThe Rape of Hippodamia, which deal with aspects related to mystery cults and the passing of the seasons, will shine tonight in a completely special way to the sound of this concert.

JEREMY DUTCHER (Canada) Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa
Premiere in Spain
Duration: 80 minutes
Wednesday, April 10 · Black Room · 22: 00h

Jeremy Dutcher is a classically trained tenor and opera composer who takes every opportunity to fuse his Wolastoq First Nation roots into the music he creates, combining different musical aesthetics that shape-shift between classical, traditional and pop to form something. brand new.

On its debut release,Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, Dutcher carries out the rearrangement of his community's early 1900s field recordings.

“Many of the songs were lost because our musical tradition was suppressed by the Canadian government. I'm doing this job as there are only about a hundred Wolastoqey speakers left. It is crucial that we are using the language ours because, if you lose the language, we will be losing a different way of experiencing the world.

Winner of the 2018 Polaris Music Prize, the prestigious Canadian music award.

More information: Teatros del Canal.

Video: DuArt @ Code 107 Fabrik Club Madrid Spain 14 11 2015