Dinosaurs: Argentinosaurus, the Argentine lizard

Dinosaurs: Argentinosaurus, the Argentine lizard

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Argentinosaurus fact sheet

Translation: Argentine lizard
Description: herbivore, quadruped
Order: Saurischia
Suborder: Sauropodomorpha
Infraorder: Sauropoda
Family: Titanosauridae
Height: 21.4 meters
Length: 34 meters
Weight: 73,000 - 90-000 kg
Period: Upper Cretaceous

The Argentinosaurus, discovered relatively recently, probably turns out to be one of the largest dinosaurs discovered so far.

It would even be bigger than the Ultrasauros or the Seismosaurus, although the Seismosaurus is likely to continue to hold the record for total length due to its extremely long tail, a typical characteristic of Diplodocidae.

Scientists have reconstructed various vertebrae and pelvis, being very significant that the cross section of a vertebra of the Argentinosaurus is more than one and a half meters high.

Because not many more remains of this dinosaur have been found, the proportions of the bones found and the comparisons with other sauropod relatives are what allow paleontologists to estimate their overall size, although almost all are estimates and there are none exact.

The first fossils of Argentinosaurus They were found in 1989 by a person in a room who mistook the dinosaur's fibula for a giant petrified wood.

The huge vertebra that we discussed earlier, almost the size of a man.

In 1993 the type and species were described and published by the Argentine paleontologists José F. Bonaparte and Rodolfo Coria.

This dinosaur lived in the Upper Cretaceous, between 96 and 94 million years ago, and the fossil deposit is in the Huincul Formation, in the province of Neuquén, Argentina.

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