Slavic mythology: the goddess Kupala or Kupalo

Slavic mythology: the goddess Kupala or Kupalo

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Kupala is the goddess who represents the mighty sun of the summer solstice, and is also considered a goddess of joy and water. On some occasions he is represented as a man, as in the case of the Slavic legend of Kupalo and Kostroma.

She was the daughter of Simargl (deity represented as a lion or winged dog) and Kulpalnitsa (goddess of the night), and sister of Kostroma.

Your name, Kupala or Kupalo, is etymologically related to the verb "kupati", What does it mean "wet”.

In some myths, it is considered Kostroma's twin brother.

The Kupala night with purification rituals through water and fire.

Solntse (simply "Sun", but often translated by Phoebus) is another name by which we can find the goddess of the bright sun.

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