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History of Etna - History

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Etna III

(Sch: t. 181; 1. 84'3"; b. 26'5"; dph. 9'10"; cpl. 44;
a. l m.)

The third Etna, a schooner, was purchased by the Navy in February 1847; and commissioned between 11 February and 13 March 1847, Commander G. J. Van Brunt in command.

Etna was converted to a bomb ketch at Boston Navy Yard, from which she sailed 13 March 1847 to join the Home Squadron, then operating in the Gulf of Mexico. During the Mexican War, Etna participated in the expedition against Tabasco 16 June. For the next year she served in the Tabasco River, her commanding officer acting as governor and collector of customs at Frontera and Tobasco. Etna returned to Norfolk 31 July 1848, and there was sold in October 1848.

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