Maine Medical Center

Maine Medical Center

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Maine Medical Center (MMC), located in Portland, is the premier referral hospital for Maine and northern New England.Renowned as the largest hospital in Maine, this non-profit medical center has been dedicated to a three-fold mission — care, education, and research. The busy community health care center also functions as a teaching hospital and research center.The endeavor to establish the medical center began at the middle of 19th century. A Children's Hospital was added in 1908. Those three institutions merged in 1951 and became a prestigious tertiary care center.MMC strives to offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services in various areas of specialization including Cancer Care, Heart Care, Children and Women's Care, Radiology, Respiratory Care, Robotic Surgery, Sleep Disorders, Stroke Care, Vascular Center, Geriatrics, Endocrinology, Mental Health Care, Kidney Care, and Care for Diabetics.Such preventive and consultation services as MMC Diabetes Center, the AIDS Consultation Service, and the Center for Lipids and Cardiovascular Health are offered.True to its role as a teaching hospital, MMC undertakes programs in undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate medical education, nursing education, and allied health professional education. In addition, it offers continuing education for health professionals and a variety of community health education programs.The Maine Heart Center at MMC is the only heart hospital in Maine to receive heart failure accreditation from the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at MMC provides innovative health care, clinical education, and research for the children of Maine. The Department of Pastoral Services, in conjunction with the representatives of the greater religious community, offers pastoral and spiritual care and counseling for patients, families, and visiting professionals.MMC features lodging facilities for the people who have family members at the hospital. In addition to those amenities, a cafeteria, gift shop, flower box, ATM, mailboxes, public restrooms, chapel, notary publics, and coffee shop are on the premises.

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